40 Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris PAS Ganjil Kelas XI K13 Terbaru

40 Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris PAS Ganjil Kelas XI K13 Terbaru

Berikut adalah 40 Latihan Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris PAS Ganjil Kelas XI K13 Terbaru Terbaru jawaban benar berada ditandai dengan tulisan tebal

The following text is for questions 1 to 3

To : Students of Global School
We are going to hold an evening art performance, to celebrate our school’s 30th anniversary.
You are invited to exhibit your talents in the event : Day/Date : Saturday, Desember 1, 2019
Time : 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Place: School Hall
Please contact the OSIS committee members to enroll. We are waiting for your participation.
Suzana Sarandon OSIS Chairperson

1.What can we conclude from the text?

  1. Global School is going to celebrate its golden anniversary
  2. The event will be held for two nights
  3. Global School has just been established
  4. The invitation is written by the principal
  5. Students are invited to perform in the event

2.Who may perform?

  1. All students of Global School
  2. Students of Grade X and XI
  3. The OSIS committee members
  4. All students and teachers
  5. Suzana Sarandon and the committee members

3.Which of the following is NOT what students can perform for the event?

  1. Singing
  2. Reciting poem
  3. Dancing
  4. Jogging
  5. Performing pantomime

The following text is for question 4 to 5

We would hereby like to invite you to attend the inauguration ceremony of our business located at The Millenium Plaza, Andheri (East ) on 2 Desember , 2019 at 9.30 a.m.

It would be an honor to have you as our loyal customer in our other businesses. We are hoping that we will get the same support from you as we continue to receive from others.

We have prepared something for you as our patrons as a way of saying Thank You.

Please let us know if you will attend the event.

We are looking forward to your presence and business collaborations.

4.The purpose of the text is to….

  1. Follow the weekly meeting
  2. Persuade customers
  3. Attend a conference
  4. Invite customers
  5. Join an event

5.What is the main idea of paragraph 1?

  1. The company invited the customers to attend inauguration ceremony
  2. Comfortable seats would be prepared for the invited customers.
  3. The company needed the support of loyal customers.
  4. The company offered a new business to customers.
  5. The ceremony was held at the Millenium Mall.

The following text is for question 6 to 9


There are many reasons why people become vegetarians, including personal health, the environment, and the economy.

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, poultry, and fish. Vegetarians mostly eat fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts. Vegetarians also consume eggs and dairy products, but they avoid meat products, such as beef, chicken stocks, and gelatin.

According to research, vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. This may happen due to a healthy vegetarian diet, which has low fat but high fibre.

However, a vegetarian diet can be high in fat if it includes excessive amounts of fatty snacks, fried food, whole dairy products, and eggs.

At the same time, a vegetarian diet can be simple and easy to prepare. Therefore, a vegetarian diet must be well-planned to prevent and treat certain diseases.

6.What meal is not consumed by vegetarians?

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Poultry
  4. Milk
  5. Nuts

7.Why does a vegetarian have a lower risk of many diseases? They….

  1. Eat vegetables every time.
  2. Consume low fat but high fibre food.
  3. Avoid excessive amounts of fatty snacks.
  4. Have well-planned agenda of what to eat.
  5. Can control their appetite for large portions.

8.According to the text, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Being a vegetarian help keep your body strong.
  2. Vegetarians may eat fatty snacks.
  3. Eggs do not contain any fat or fibre.
  4. Vegetarians do not consume gelatin.
  5. Vegetarians have high cholesterol.

9.“…. if it includes excessive amounts of fatty snacks ….” What does the underlined word mean?

  1. Too many
  2. Decent
  3. Very few
  4. Little
  5. Big

The following text is for question 10 to 13

The Dangers of Using Mobile Phone while Driving

The popularity of mobile devices had some dangerous consequences. We know that mobile communications are linked to a significant increase in distracted driving which results in injury and loss of life.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2010 driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes - with 3,092 people killed - and crashes resulting in an injury - with 416,000 people wounded.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.

Eleven percent of drivers aged 18 to 20 who were involved in an automobile accident and survived admitted they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed. Distracted driving endangers life and property and the current levels of injury and loss are unacceptable.

10.What is the main idea of the passage?

  1. The warning of texting and driving.
  2. The debatable issue of texting and driving.
  3. The involvement of mobile devices while driving.
  4. The risks of texting while driving.
  5. The consequences of not paying attention traffic.

11.What does the passage tell us about the writer's opinion on the issue at hand?

  1. Text messaging creates more risk than undistracted driving.
  2. Mobile communication doesn't have relation with accident.
  3. Many people lost their live because of injury.
  4. Distracted driving is safe for the drivers.
  5. Only adult drivers involved in the accident.

12.From the text, we know that....

  1. The mobile phone should be banned in the street.
  2. Distracted driving makes accident more rarely to happen.
  3. Most of the accident caused by the condition of the road.
  4. 18 percent of fatal crashes were caused by unnoticed street signs.
  5. Drivers involved in car accidents admitted they were texting when they crashed.

13.Distracted driving endangers life,it is not an acceptable


  1. as
  2. but
  3. if
  4. yet
  5. so

The following dialogue is for question 14 to 16

Daniel : I am going to have a birthday party, but I have not decided where I should hold it. Do you have any suggestions?

Sandra : What about your parents? Haven’t they chosen the venue?

Daniel : No, it’s up to me.

Sandra : Why don’t you celebrate your birthday at an orphanage?

You can share your happiness with orphans.

Daniel : That’s a good idea. I’ll do it. Thanks. Sandra : You’re welcome.

14.What does Sandra suggest?

  1. Daniel celebrate his birthday at home.
  2. Daniel shares his happines with his friends.
  3. Daniel asks his parents abouut his birthday party.
  4. Daniel holds his birthday party at an orphanage.
  5. Daniel donates the money to an orphanage.

15.From the dialog we know that….

  1. Daniel agrees with Sandra’s idea.
  2. Daniel declines Sandra’s suggestion.
  3. Sandra is going to have a birthday party.
  4. Daniel’s parents have decided the venue for the birthday party.
  5. The orphans invite Daniel to visit their orphanage.

16.“Haven’t they chosen the venue?”

What is the similar meaning of the underlined word?

  1. Fee
  2. Feast
  3. Site
  4. Supper
  5. Time

The following dialogue is for question 17 to 21

Prily: Bad news! There will be a bus-driver strike tomorrow morning!
Michele : Oh no! How shall we go to school?
Prily: I have an idea. What do you think hiring a taxi? Michele : It’s expensive.
Prily: So, what’s your idea?
Michele : There is my father’s motorcycle at home, but no one can ride it. My father is out of town.
Prily: Do you mind if I ride it? Don’t worry, I have a driving license.
Michele : OK, but let me ask my mom first. 
Prily: Sure.

17.What are the speakers talking about?

  1. Why they can’t take a taxi.
  2. How they will go to school.
  3. When a bus driver strikes takes place.
  4. Why all bus drivers strike tomorrow.
  5. How to ask for a person’s permission.

18.How does Michele feel to know the news about a bus-driver strike?

  1. Upset
  2. Panicky
  3. Nervous
  4. Envious
  5. Sad

19.Why does Michele disagree with Prily’s idea to take a taxi to school?

  1. They do not know the driver.
  2. They have no taxi phone number.
  3. She has a bad experience when taking a taxi.
  4. It is quite difficult to get a taxi in the morning.
  5. They don’t have enough money to pay for a taxi fare.

20.What can we infer from the dialog?

  1. They can’t decide how to go to school.
  2. Prily’s father has a business in another town.
  3. All buses will not operate tomorrow morning.
  4. All taxi drivers will strike tomorrow morning.
  5. Michele’s mother will drive them to school.

21.These are sentences to ask for an opinion, EXCEPT….

  1. What do you think about hiring a taxi?
  2. OK but let me ask my mom first.
  3. How shall we go to school?
  4. Do you mind if I ride it?
  5. So, what’s your idea?

22.Everything is nice, …….?

  1. is it
  2. does it
  3. isn’t it
  4. doesn’t it
  5. was it

23.Susan and Dian get new chance,?

  1. doesn’t she
  2. does she
  3. do they
  4. don’t they
  5. aren’t they

24.Jakarta is still our capital,?

  1. is it
  2. isn’t it
  3. does it
  4. doesn’t it
  5. weren’t it

25.You haven’t finished your annual report,?

  1. do you
  2. have you
  3. don’t you
  4. didn’t you
  5. haven’t you

26.She could write beautiful poems,?

  1. can she
  2. can’t she
  3. could she
  4. doesn’t she
  5. couldn’t she

27.The bicycle is not here anymore; it must have....

  1. been taken away
  2. been taking away
  3. took away
  4. taken away
  5. being taken away

28.Our house will

by our neighbour when we are away.
  1. kept
  2. keep
  3. be kept
  4. keeping
  5. be keeping


: I want the toy car displayed in the window yesterday.

Shopkeeper : I’m sorry, it ......

  1. has sold
  2. had to sell
  3. has been sold
  4. had to be sold
  5. had been selling

30. Conversations

Sandra : I think the goverment should give more attention to small scale industries.
Rian: I think so because this group offers more job opportunities.
The underlined sentence means Rian....
  1. likes it
  2. dislikes it
  3. denies it
  4. agrees it
  5. objects it

31.Alvin : I really want to continue my study to university, but I couldn't afford it.

BobbyYou have got good grades.

  1. What about looking for a job?
  2. How about going for vacation?
  3. If I were you, I would work hard.
  4. Perhaps, you should go to university.
  5. Why don't you try to get a scholarship?

32.Mia : Uhh. I can't breath in this small hot room. The air conditioner doesn't work.

Ria :It may give us fresh air.

Mia : It's a good idea. Thank you.

  1. I'll lock the door tightly.
  2. I'll open the window wide.
  3. Can I take you some water.
  4. We'll move the door quickly.
  5. I'll take you to the right place.

33.Tris : Let's eat out in a restaurant, Dina. Dina : When?

Tris : Tonight.

DinaI'll wait for you before seven.

  1. No, thank you
  2. I don't want to
  3. That sound interesting
  4. Good idea, but
  5. I am diet now.

34.Ben : Sam, would you like a cup of coffee? I'm just making some.

Sam : Oh, yes please, that would be lovely. The underlined expression expresses ...

  1. Offering something
  2. Offering help
  3. Accepting an offer
  4. Declining an offer
  5. Refusing an offer

35.Rose : Good morning Jane, do you want an ice cream? Jeny : Oh, great!

, I'd love one.

Rose : Chocolate or Strawberry? Jeny : Chocolate, please.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is.

  1. Yes please
  2. No Thanks
  3. Don't bother
  4. Never mind
  5. Not for me

36.Mark : Do you want some candies? Lisa : Yes, I want

Mark : .........................

Lisa : Thanks

  1. They are in the shop
  2. I like candy
  3. I hate them
  4. Here you are
  5. You are so kind


Nick : No, thanks. I don’t drink coffee.

  1. What can I help you
  2. Would you like some bread
  3. Why don’t you have some drink
  4. Would you like a cup of coffee
  5. How is your order in this restaurant

38.Gina : Please come to my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday night.

Linda : Thank you for inviting. I’ll be there. From the dialogue, it can be concluded that....

  1. Linda accepts the invitation.
  2. Linda rejects the invitation.
  3. Linda refuses the invitation.
  4. Gina will not ask Linda to come.
  5. Gina does not want Linda to come.

39.Billie : What do you think about K-Pop nowadays?

Justin : I think it is improving for the music, lyric and choreography. But. frankly, I prefer the previous era.

What does Justin express?

  1. His congratulaton
  2. His condolence
  3. His suggestion
  4. His gratitude
  5. His opinion

40.Patty : Have you decided what to order?

Selly : No, I haven't made up my mind. Anything to suggest? Patty ?

Selly : Good idea. I need something to quench my thirst.

  1. How about ordering some hamburger
  2. What about having fried chicken
  3. I think french fries is preferable.
  4. Why don't we have some soup.
  5. Can we have Soda.
Contoh 40 Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris PAS Ganjil Kelas XI K13 Terbaru diatas merupakan hanya acuan yang dapat digunakan oleh para siswa dalam belajar serta dapat menjadi referensi untuk pembuatan soal ataupun latihan.

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