50 Soal dan Jawaban PAT Sastra Inggris Kelas 10 Kurikulum Merdeka

Text 1. Question number 1 – 3 refer to the following text.
Barack earned his law degree from Harvard in 1991, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He there returned to Chicago to practice as a civil rights lawyer and teach constitutional law. His advocacy work led him to run for the Illinois State Senate, where he served for eight years beginning in 1996. While in Illinois State Senate, Barack served as chairman of Public Health and Welfare Committee. In 2004, well into his U.S Senate campaign, Barack wrote and delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, and became a rising U.S politics. A few months later, he was elected to the senate with a landslide 70% of the vote. Four months into his senate career, TIME magazine named him “one of the world’s most influential people,” calling him “one of the most admired politicians in America”. Barack formally announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential election in Springfield on February 10, 2007.
1.His last career is as….
  1. politician
  2. lawyer
  3. president
  4. journalist
  5. lecturer
2.From the above biography, we know that Barack’s education background was in….
  1. governmental science
  2. law
  3. educational science
  4. science
  5. politics
3.A few months later, he was elected to the U.S Senate with….” The following words are the synonym of the word “elected” except.…
  1. voted
  2. represented
  3. selected
  4. subtituted
  5. nominated
Questions 4 – 8 are based on text 2 and 3
Text 2
From: Irene Sukandar [Irene@messages.com]
To: Kirtya Hotel [reservetion@Kitya.com]
Subject: Room Reservation
I need a single room with a queen-sized bed for four nights, from April 14 until April 17. Do you have a room available then? I will be attending a conference at the Convention Center and I understand that your hotel is just two blocks from there. Please confirm this for me as I don’t want to have to walk far or deal with cabs. Also, do you have a pool and a weight room? Is there a restaurant located in or near the hotel?
Thank you for your help.
Text 3
From: KirtyaHotel[reservation@Kitya.com]
To: Irene Sukandar [Irene@messages.com]
Subject: Re: Reservation for a Bussines Trip
We do have the type of room that you want. It costs Rp 1,100,000 per night. However, for the first night of your stay only, I will have to give you a king-sized bed as there are no queens available that night. It costs an extra Rp 250,000. I hope this will suit you. Starting on April 15, you can have the type you requested. I can confirm that we are located very close to the Convention Center, just one block further than you thought. It is a very pleasant walk through a park to the center, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. We do have a pool, but unfortunately it is currently closed for repairs. There is a full-service restaurant, poppies, located in the hotel. Hotel guests are entitled to a free breakfast there. Lunch and dinner are also served and can be charged to your room for your convenience. If you would like to go ahead with your reservation, please send me your credit card information as soon as possible.
4.When does Irene Sukandar want to begin her stay at Kitya Hotel?
April 14
April 17
April 15
April 18
April 16
5.What kind of room does she request?
  1. A room for one person.
  2. A room with two queen-sized bed.
  3. A room near the pool.
  4. A room with a view of the park
  5. A room near the park
6.If Irene Sukandar makes the reservation suggested in the hotel e-mail, how much will she pay?
  1. Rp 1,100,000
  2. Rp 5,000,000
  3. Rp 1,350,000
  4. Rp 5,500,000
  5. Rp 4,650,000
7.How far is the hotel from the Conversation Center?
  1. One block
  2. Four blocks
  3. Two blocks
  4. Five blocks
  5. Three blocks
8.What is included in the price of the hotel room?
  1. Breakfast
  2. Use of the weight room
  3. Room Service
  4. Dinner
  5. Use of the pool
9.Deny: What are you going to do tonight?
Reza: _______?
  1. I will to go to the movie
  2. I am going to meet my girlfriend.
  3. I went to the hospital.
  4. I would write a poem.
  5. I could go to the movie
10.Guest : _______ will you stay here?
Receptionist: I will stay for a couple nights.
  1. How many
  2. How much
  3. For whom
  4. With whom
  5. How long
11.Manager:Santy, did you call Mc.Dermott Company to confirm the order?
Santy:Yes, Sir. They _______ to send it next week.
  1. Agreed
  2. Got
  3. Received
  4. Rejected
  5. Accepted
12.Agus: _______?
Banu: Perhaps, they can. But I’m not sure.
Agus: I’ve never found them repairing the washing machine.
  1. Can they repair washing machine?
  2. Can they install washing machine?
  3. Can they clean washing machine?
  4. Can they find washing machine?
  5. Can they buy wahing machine?
Text 4. Question numbers 13 – 15 refer to the following text.
To: All staff
From: Head of IT Departement
Subjek: Computer update
Date: March 30
As you know, all employees will receive new computers during May. In order to minimize work disruption, we will be installing the computers over a period of three weeks, rather than all at once, as originally planed. Installation of new computers will be made per department. Between now and your schedule date, you should make copies of all necessary document and store them on disk.
We understand that saving files will take planning and time. Each department head has scheduled a two hour work period for employees to go through and sive files. If you have any questions or need help with loarge files, contact me immediately. This is a major investment by the company which will enable all of us work more efficiency and effectively.
13.When will the computers be installed?
  1. All at once
  2. In March
  3. During a pre-scheduled
  4. During March
  5. Over several weeks
14.What is the purpose of the memo?
  1. To announce the new purchase
  2. To inform workers of the schedules
  3. To eliminate unnecessary work
  4. To change the leaders of each section
  5. To change new purchase
15.What should employees do now?
  1. Transfer the documents on a disk
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Call the head of the department
  4. Choose the computer they want
  5. Call computer operator
16.Alex:You look unhealthy, Boy.
Bryan:Yes, I get a headache and a stomachache.
Alex:You should go to a doctor. Come on, I will accompany you.
The underlined words show....
  1. Agreement
  2. Necessity
  3. Disagreement
  4. Plan
  5. Advice
17.You should _______ to past the test.
  1. study hard
  2. studied
  3. studying
  4. studied hard
  5. studying hard
18.Andi: I have a bad headache.
Budi: You’d better _______.
Complete the dialogue above....
  1. Taking an aspirin
  2. To take an aspirin
  3. An aspirin
  4. Took an aspirin
  5. Take an aspirin
19.Amir: I am not good at English.
Budi: _______.
Complete the dialogue above with an advice....
  1. I should practise English every day
  2. Why don’t you take an English course and practise every day?
  3. Do you like English?
  4. I must take an English course
  5. You must sleep often
20.Mary failed again in the test. She _______ harder.
  1. had better study
  2. study
  3. need to study
  4. studied
  5. better study
21.I miss my grandparents. What _______ I do now ?
  1. better
  2. did
  3. had better
  4. do
  5. should
22.Bagas ____ around the block at their backyard yesterday.
  1. runs
  2. run
  3. was running
  4. ran
  5. is running
23.Baim and Riska _____ video games last week.
  1. were playing
  2. playing
  3. is playing
  4. plays
  5. played
24.She _____ the movie with her mother and ............for dinner tonight.
  1. watched, cooked
  2. is watching, is cooking
  3. will watching, cook
  4. watched, cooking
  5. will watch, will cook
25.I was _____ when my mother _____ me two days ago.
  1. teaching, called
  2. teaching, calling
  3. teach, call
  4. taught, called
  5. taught, calling
26.He was not _____ the television when you _____ to his house to borrow his car yesterday.
  1. repaired, came
  2. repairing, came
  3. repair, come
  4. repairing, coming
  5. repairing, come
27.Eko and Yoga _____ Soccer on the field every Sunday afternoon and...........the competition next month.
  1. is playing, finding
  2. plays, will find
  3. were playing, found
  4. played, will find
  5. was playing, found
28.He was standing at the bus-stop when he _____ the accident.
  1. witnessed
  2. withnessed
  3. witnesses
  4. witness
  5. withness
29.The telephone was ringing while he _____ an email.
  1. type
  2. has typing
  3. is typing
  4. has typed
  5. was typing
30.She was _____ when I _____ to her house last night.
  1. crying, came
  2. crying, come
  3. cried, coming
  4. cried, came
  5. cries, coming
31.My sister _____ TV in the living room when I arrived home last night.
  1. watch
  2. was watching
  3. watched
  4. was watched
  5. is watching
32.Neither Lisa...........her friends ate luch here yesterday.
  1. no
  2. or
  3. nor
  4. and
  5. got
33.I watched Fast and Furious 6 at the cinema yesterday, ………..
  1. But my friend didn’t
  2. But my friend does
  3. But my friend doesn’t
  4. But my friend has
  5. But my friend did
34.Andy is not only handsome ……….. diligent
  1. but
  2. but also
  3. and
  4. also
  5. as well
35.I love watching Korean drama as well as………..
  1. To listen Korean songs
  2. Listening to Korean songs
  3. To be listening Korean songs
  4. To be listen Korean songs
  5. To listening Korean songs
36. I was watching Super Junior concert last week,………..
  1. And they were so
  2. And they was so
  3. And so were they
  4. And are they
  5. And so was they
37. I can not accompany my mother to the airport………..
  1. And my brother can’t either
  2. And my brother couldn’t either
  3. And my brother can’t neither
  4. And my brother couldn’t neither
  5. And my brother can’t too
38.Jane usually talks _____, but this time she can speak calmly.
  1. rather fast
  2. too fast
  3. very fast enough
  4. enough fast
  5. very fast
39.I am ............. your mom, but also your bestfriend.
  1. not
  2. only
  3. no
  4. nor
  5. not only
40.I do not like .................. horror or romance movies.
  1. neither
  2. both
  3. nor
  4. as well
  5. either
41.This shirt is _____ to wear.
  1. rather comfortable
  2. so comfortable
  3. quite comfortable
  4. very comfortable
  5. enough comfortable
42.That circus was _____ that all attendants gave special applause for the players.
  1. so fantastic
  2. fantastic enough
  3. very fantastic
  4. enough fantastic
  5. too fantastic
Text 5. This text is for no 43– 48
On Saturday night, we went to the Town Hall. It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. It would strike twelve in twenty minutes’ time. Fifteen minutes passed and then, at five to twelve, the clock stopped. The big minute hand did not move. We waited and waited, but nothing happened. Suddenly someone shouted,”It’s two minutes past twelve! The clock has stopped!”
I looked at my watch. It was true. The big clock refused to welcome the New Year. At that moment, everybody began to laugh and sing.
43.When did the clock stopped?
  1. At 05.12
  2. at 12.05
  3. At 11.55
  4. at 12.55
  5. at 12.00
44.Why did the people gather under the Town Hall clock?
  1. To welcome the New Year
  2. To see the newly bought clock
  3. To strike the laughing people
  4. To stop people who shouted
  5. To sing a sing together
45.Based on the text, where was the writer?
  1. At the hall
  2. At the beach
  3. At the town hall
  4. At the market
  5. At home
46.When did the event happen?
  1. in the middle of the year
  2. the end of the year
  3. in last Friday night
  4. Christmas celebration
  5. at the weekend as usual
47.Which of the following is not true according to the text?
  1. The writer brought a watch.
  2. The writer held a birthday party.
  3. The writer was very happy.
  4. The writer celebrated the New Year with his family.
  5. The writer was waiting to celebrate the New Year
48.What probably happened when someone shouted that the clock stopped?
  1. Everybody directly celebrated the New Year
  2. Everybody sings and laugh.
  3. Everybody looked for a watch.
  4. Every body igneted a fireworkd
  5. Everybody shouted too.
This poem is for no 49 – 50
A true friend is not just a friend,
but like a guardian angel from above,
one who looks after you,
as the rest give up and run.
and when you cause yourself pain,
who'll do anything for you,
no matter what becomes in the way,
So don't be afraid to find one,
as you'll soon see a true one,
someone who'll do the same for you,
as you would do for them.
49.“So don't be afraid to find one”. The underlined word means....
  1. Guardian
  2. You
  3. True friend
  4. Yourself
  5. Someone
50.What is the poem about?
  1. A guardian angel
  2. Pain
  3. A true friend
  4. Your way
  5. Just a friend

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