40 Soal dan Jawaban PAT Kelas 10 B.Inggris SMA Kurikulum Merdeka

The following text is for questions 1 to 3
Raja Ampat of ‘Four Kings’, is the name given to group of island in West Papua, derived from local myth. The four major Island are Waigo, Misool (which is home to ancient rock painting), Salawati and Batania. Raja Ampat is located at the bird head of Papua. Underwater enthusiast. On Raja Ampat islands, divers can explore vertical underwater walls. The thrill of drift diving is another great challenge.
The territory within the islands of the Four Kings is enormous, covering 9,8 million acres of land and sea, home to 540 types of corals, more than 1000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. This makes it the most diverse living library for world’s coral reefs and underwater biota. According to a report developed by The Nature Conservation, around 75% of the world’s species live here.
When divers first arrive here, their excitement is palpable. It’s common to hear people praise God as they absorb in the remarkable scenery. Other prefer to remain in silence, taking in the overwhelming sight of so many islands with crystal clear water that softly brushes over the white sandy beaches.
1.What is the topic of text?
  1. The size of the islands of Raja Ampat
  2. The scenery on the islands of Raja Ampat
  3. The natural habitat of Raja Ampat
  4. The flora and fauna of Raja Ampat
  5. The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat
2.Why do so many divers come to Raja Ampat?
  1. It is home to ancient rock paintings.
  2. It offers the world’s best marine sight.
  3. Divers can explore horizontal underwater walls.
  4. It has the most diverse museum for world’s coral reefs underwater biota.
  5. There are a few islands with crystal clear softly brushes over the white sandy beaches.
3.It’s common to hear people praise God as they absorb…… (last paragraph). The underlined word is similar to….
  1. ordinary
  2. fortunate
  3. rigid
  4. intense
  5. complete
4.What is the purpose of the text?
  1. To give information to the reader
  2. To amuse the reader
  3. To describe something
  4. To influence the reader
  5. To persuade the reader
The following text is for questions 5 to 8 !
Istiqomah is the oldest in my family. We call her Isti. She is twenty five years old and five years older than me. She has long straight hair, bright eyes and friendly smile. Sometimes she is rather talkative at home, but she always helps if someone needs.
Istiqomah is crazy about cooking, she can cook a delicious traditional food. She is the best chef in our Family.

5.What is the text mostly about….
  1. Istiqomah’s hobby
  2. Istiqomah’s family
  3. Istiqomah
  4. Istiqomah’ s favorite hobby
  5. Istiqomah’s older sister
6.From the text we now that Istiqomah is….
  1. The writer’ s oldest sister
  2. The writer’s elder sister
  3. The writer’s friend
  4. The writer’s teacher
  5. The writer’s student
7.Based on the text we know that the writer is … years old.
  1. twenty five
  2. fourty
  3. thirty
  4. thirty five
  5. twenty
8.Istiqomah is crazy about cooking, she can cook a delicious traditional food.
The underlined phrase can be replaced with….
  1. disliked cooking
  2. really likes cooking
  3. hates cooking much
  4. finds cooking not really entertaining
  5. joins cooking
The following text is for questions 9 to 12 !
The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall, or Chang Cheng in China, is massive. It begins in the east at the Yellow Sea, travels near China’s capital, Beijing, and continues to west through numerous provinces. It winds like a snake through China’s varied terrain for thousands of miles. Smaller walls extend from the main wall.
According to conservative estimates, the Great Wall’s length is approximately 2,400 miles. Its thickness rangers from 15-30 feet wide, and it reaches in height to about 25 feet. The Great Wall has been considered as one of the world’s wonders. The Great Wall is undeniably one of humankind’s most prominent and enduring architectural feats. It is a testament to people’s ability to plan, organize, create and work diligently together. The wall is a monument to the Chinese civilizations, one that came at great costs and through countless sacrifices.
9.Where is the Great Wall located?
  1. China
  2. Macau
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Mongolia
  5. Taiwan
10.How Thick is the Great Wall?
  1. 15-25 feet wide
  2. 10-25 feet wide
  3. 15-30 feet wide
  4. 15-35 feet wide
  5. 15-20 feet wide
11.Where does the Great Wall begin?
  1. in the south at the yellow Sea
  2. in the north at the Red Sea
  3. in the south-east at the Yellow Sea
  4. in the north west at the Yellow Sea
  5. in the east at the Yellow Sea
12.It begins in the east at the Yellow Sea, travels near China’s capital, Beijing, and continues to west through numerous provinces (first paragraph). The underlined word refers to….
  1. the Chinese civilizations
  2. countless sacrifices.
  3. the Great Wall
  4. the humankind
  5. architectural
For questions 13 to 15, complete the following text with the words provided.
The (13) groups in the mountain regions southwest and central Sulawesi (Celebes) are known as Toraja, which means “those who live upstream” or “those who live on the mountains”. Their name is in fact derived from the word Raja, which in Sanskirt means” king”. The society is hierarchically structured: the noblemen are called rengnge, the ordinary people makaka, and the slaves, kaunan. Birth (14) which status a person will hold. The distinctive features of traditional houses (tongkonan) of the Toraja are “buffalo horns”, the design and the rich decoration on the walls. The buffalo is a (15) of status, courage, strength and fighting spirit.
The following text for questions 16 to 18!
Attention Student
This Friday, 25th Januari 2019, is the regristration deadline for spring semester.
Complete your regristration form in the first floor between the hours of 8.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Payment must be made at the time of regristration, so bring your administration receipt or you will not be accepted. No late accepted. No late exceptions Classes begin Monday, 28th January 2019.
Classes offered in the following subject:
13. ...............
  1. modern
  2. interest
  3. ethnic 
  4. relative
  5. radical
14. ................
  1. chooses
  2. describes
  3. needs 
  4. calls
  5. determines
  1.  symbol
  2. name
  3. feature 
  4. structure
  5. design
16.The subject which is not offered for the registration is.…
  1. Economics
  2. Arts
  3. Language
  4. History
  5. Sport
17.Besides filling in the registration form, the student have to….
  1. bring the registration form
  2. accept the administration receipts
  3. complete the registration payment
  4. offer the spring semester subjects
  5. make an exception form to the administration
18.The announcement is released by….
  1. a department store
  2. a school
  3. a market
  4. a zoo
  5. a mosque
The following text is for questions 19 to 20
National Sales Manager
•Male, age max.30 years old
•S1 degree in any field
•Having good communication skills
•Having good self–management, energetic, and having positive attitude
•Having a motorcycle or car is a benefit
Please send your curriculum vitae and recent photograph to PT Anugrah Bahagia.
Jalan Jembatan no 19. North Jakarta Phone (021) 45678
Not later than December 22nd, 2019
19.Which of the following statement is true according to the text?
  1. Candidates must have motorcycle or car.
  2. PT Anugrah Bahagia needs a sales manager for its branch office.
  3. Only S1 Degree majoring engineering candidates are allowed to propose the job.
  4. PT Anugrah Bahagia must receive application letter not later than December 22nd, 2019.
  5. Candidates must send their applicants through emails or directly come to PT Anugrah Bahagia.
20.“Having a motorcycle or car is a benefit”. The underlined word means….
  1. weakness
  2. advantage
  3. request
  4. disadvantage
  5. prosperity
The following text is for questions 21 to 24 !
To celebrate the anniversary of MAN 1 Bandar Lampung, the Students’ School Organization will hold a basketball competition. The competition will be held:
Date: 24 – 26th September Time : 9 a.m and 3 p.m
Venue : MAN 1 Bandar Lampung basket ball courtyard
The school teams which will participate in this competition should pay the enrollment fee, Rp.100.000.
For further information, contact Nanda@gmail.com or call 0821677756
21.What is the text about?
  1. a basketball competition
  2. a basketball participants
  3. the rules of a basketball competition
  4. the schedule of a basketball competition
  5. the preparation for a basketball competition
22.How long will the basketball competition last for?
  1. 5 days
  2. 4 days
  3. 6 days
  4.   7 days
  5. 3 days
23.How much rupiahs should they pay for the registration? 
  1. 100.000
  2. 400.000
  3. 200.000
  4. 500.000
  5. 300.000
24.Whom is the text addressed to?
  1. the students of MAN 1 Bandar Lampung
  2. all school basketball teams
  3. all basketball participants
  4. the teacher of MAN 1 Bandar Lampung
  5. all students of MAN.
25.Rere : What a cozy house! I feel comfortable here. Fauziah : Thank you.
What does the boy express?
  1. Imagining
  2. Agreeing
  3. Critizing
  4. Congratulating
  5. Complimenting
26.Iqbal : Yesterday I saw you wearing a beautiful gown in the wedding party. You look so gorgeous!
Tika : Thank you. I designed by my self Iqbal : I see. I wish you luck
Why does the boy praise the girl?
  1. She wears a beautiful gown.
  2. She has beautiful party.
  3. She performed a gorgeous performance
  4. She has practiced designing a gown
  5. She has sold a wedding party gown.
27.The boy : Where are you going to go tomorrow? The old lady : “ … yet. Because I might go to Jakarta.”
  1. I don’t doubt
  2. I’m ready
  3. I’m happy
  4. I’m not sure
  5. I don’t believe
28.Martha : Dayat … on Friday night?
Dayat : I want to see a new film at Kartini, Perjuangan Martha : Oh, Yeah.I saw it last week. It was great.
  1. What did you do?
  2. What have you done?
  3. What could you do?
  4. What are you doing?
  5. What are you going to do?
29.Soffie : What do we have for dinner, Mum? Mother : I don’t cook
Soffie : Will we have dinner in a restaurant, Mum?
Mother : Yes dear. Father and mother are going to celebrate our anniversary.
Soffie : Congratulation, Mum!
Why does the child congratulate her parents?
  1. She has a special occasion.
  2. She celebrates her anniversary.
  3. She celebrates her parent’s anniversary
  4. She has to attend a birthday party.
  5. She has to cook food together
30.Teacher : Excuse me, my students. I’m Tety. I’m a new English teacher in this class. Nice to meet you all my students
Students : Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Tety
What is the topic of the conversation?
  1. Expressing gratitude
  2. Introducing oneself
  3. Having a new class
  4. Welcoming a new teacher
  5. Asking permission
31.Woman : Sir, I will be late for work tomorrow, I have to attend the school meeting in my son’s school for few minutes.
Man: All right. Anyway, what are you doing there?
Woman : I will get some suggestion for my son’s achievement progress.
Man: ……..…
What is the best response for the woman?
  1. I know you come late.
  2. You should go there on time.
  3. Your son is a really smart and lucky boy.
  4. Let him go alone.
  5. I hope you feel better.
32.Taufik : I heard you won the speech contest. Well, congratulation, my friend! That is fantastic!
Roni : Thank you very much for saying so.
Taufik : I wish you success in the next year’s contest. Roni : I hope so. I have to work very hard for it.
Based on the dialogue above, which of the following sentences express compliment?
  1. I wish you success in the next year.
  2. That is fantastic.
  3. Thank you very much for saying so
  4. I heard you won the speech contest.
  5. I have to work hard for it.
33.Ning : We are going to have a long holiday. What are you going to do?
Dwi : I am going to have a cooking class. I am going to make delicious cakes. What about you?
Ning : I am going to go to my hometown in Liwa.
Dwi : That sounds interesting. Enjoy your a long holiday ! What is the conversation about?
  1. A cooking class
  2. Going to my hometown
  3. Planning for a long holiday
  4. Attending a cooking class.
  5. Family gathering.
34.Desi : Hey, I heard that you bought a new apartment. Did you?
Yuni : That;s right, aunty.
Desi : As your aunty, I am very proud you. You deserve it because you have worked hard.
Yuni : Thank you so much, aunty.
The underlined sentence shows the expression of….
  1. Compliment
  2. Obligation
  3. Gratitude
  4. Congratulation
  5. Condolence
35.Yana : Puji, I don’t have money to pay the school fee.
Amir : Do you want to borrow my money? …….If you need some.
  1. Would you accompany me?
  2. I’m going to go to the nearest ATM
  3. I would like to accompany you.
  4. I lent you
  5. I save my money.
36.Indra : I won the first prize of memorizing Al Quran competition yesterday
Gustam : Oh, really? That’s great. Please accept my warmest congratulation.
Indra: …………
Gustam : You are welcome!
  1. You are very jealous
  2. I hope you say so
  3. Oh, don’t mention it!
  4. Thanks for saying that.
  5. That’s very great.
37.Lia : “I’m going to have dinner tonight. Would you like to join?
Yusran : “Thank you, I’d love to, but I have another appointment.
From the dialogue above we conclude that….
  1. Yusran declines the the invitation
  2. Lia wants to have dinner
  3. Lia loves Yusran.
  4. Yusran invites Lia to have dinner together
  5. Lia doesn’t want to go
38.Yuli : Winda,….. my brother. He is from Los Angeles. His name is Wahyu
Winda : How do you do, Wahyu? Wahyu : How do you do, Winda?
  1. I’d like to visit you
  2. I’d like to meet you
  3. Nice to meet him
  4. I’d like to introduce
  5. I’d like to take
39.Didi : What do you plan to do after class? Soleh : Nothing. What about you?
Didi : I … the book store. Can you join me? Soleh : Sure. Thank you.
  1. go
  2. went
  3. will have gone
  4. have gone
  5. am going to go
40.Irvan : Hello, would you like to come to my house tonight? We will have BBQ party in my garden.
Tety : Yes, sure…
  1. I’d love to
  2. I don’t think so.
  3. Would you like to come?
  4. I have a lot of works to do
  5. Would you like to have BBQ party?

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