50 Latihan Soal dan Jawaban B.Inggris SMA Kelas 11 Kurikulum Merdeka

50 Latihan Soal dan Jawaban B.Inggris SMA Kelas 11 Kurikulum Merdeka

Text 1. The following text is for questions no. 1 – 4

Dear Juliana

How are you? Hope everything is okay with you. I’m all right here. We are going to have the national examination, aren’t we? Are you well prepared for it? Well, to be honest, I just have some difficulties in preparing for it, especially in science. There are extra lessons in my school and I take them all. But, I feel that they don’t help. I’m still confused in solving mathematic problems. I’m just worried that I fail the national examination. Do you have any suggestion for me? I really appreciate your help. Please reply it soon.

Your friend, Wulandari

1. What does the letter tell us about?

A.   Asking for a friend to teach mathematic

B.   Preparing for the national examination

C.   Asking for a friend’s suggestion to solve a problem

D.   Giving a solution to a friend

E.   Having extra lesson at school

2. “I’m  still confused in  solving  mathematic  problems.”  The underlined word means …

A.   unable to read quickly

B.   unable to think clearl

C.   unable to behave politely

D.   unable to perform well

E.   unable to speak fluently

3. “I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.” The antonym of the underlined word is …

A.   raise

B.   underestimate

C.   predict

D.   success

E.   reach

4. Why  is  Wulandari worried that  she  may  fail  the  national examination?

A.   There are extra lessons at Juliana’s school

B.   She will have the national examination soon

C.   She is confused in solving mathematic problem

D.   Her friends are all well-prepared

E.   She appreciated Juliana’s help

Text 2 The following text is for questions no 5 – 11

Gelatin is a protein substance that comes from the skins and bones of animals. Most people know it as the substance used to make a jellylike salad or dessert. Not only is it useful in making these foods, but it is also beneficial to the consumer because of its high protein content. Gelatin is also commonly used in the photographic industry and in making medicinal capsules.

The process for producing gelatin is a long and complex one. In the processing of gelatin made from bones, which varies slightly from that of gelatin make from skin, the grease first must be eliminated. Then, the bones are soaked in a solution of hydrochloric acid in order to rid them of minerals and are washed several ties in water. Next, the bones are placed in distilled water, heated to over 90oF for a few hours, placed in fresh distilled water, and then heated again at a little over 100oF. A fluid forms from  this  heating,  and  it  is  concentrated, chilled,  and  sliced. Finally, it is dried and ground. In its final form, gelatin is white, tasteless, and odorless.

5. The text above discusses about …

A.   the process of making gelatin. 

B.   advantage of minerals.

C.   uses of bones.

D.   protein food.

E.   gelatin’s products.

6. “….. the grease first must be eliminated.” (Paragraph 2) What does the underlined word mean?

A. fat D.   mineral

B. junk E.   protein

C. acid

7. Which of the following statement is true?

A.   The chemical used in making gelatin comes off the surface of the bones by rinsing with water.

B.   Gelatin made from skin is produced in the same way as that made from bones.

C.   When the gelatin is dried, it is in powder form.

D.   Grease probably does not aid in producing gelatin. 

E.   A fluid does not form from this heating.

8. “Next,   the   bones   are   placed   in   distilled   water,   …..” (Paragraph 2). The word “distilled” is closely meaning to …

A. hot D.   plenty

B. cool E.   purified

C. boiled

9. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A.   The final form of gelatin is white and odorless

B.   Gelatin can only be produced in distilled water

C.   Producing gelatin is not simple work

D.   Producing gelatin needs a lot of fresh water

E.   Gelatin can be produced from two sources

10. From the text we know that …

A.   we can easily produce gelatin at home

B.   gelatin can only be used in photographic industry

C.   it is necessary to add mineral to the gelatin

D.   fat aids in the process of making gelatin

E.   gelatin is good food because of its high protein

11. “….. but it is also beneficial to the consumer ..…” (par. 1).

The underlined word means …

A. useful D. various

B. unfaithful E. addictive

C. dangerous

Text 3 The following text is for questions no 12 – 15

Dear Fina,

Hi there. How are things with you? It's good to know that you are doing fine in business. Have you received my postcard? I am now sitting in my hotel room writing a letter to you about my wonderful holiday. I think this is the most wonderful holiday have I ever had. The people are very friendly. There are a lot of interesting tourist objects to visit, beautiful local art and craft, tasty traditional food, and much more. It's Thursday today. I can't believe this is my last day. I wish I could spend more time here. I am certain I will stay longer on my next visit. I'll be home at about 3 p.m. tomorrow if the flight is on time. On Monday I must go back to work, I can't wait to show my video to my class. Okay, that's all for now. Send my love to your children. Bye.

Best wishes from, 


12. The letter tell us about …

A.   Fico’s holiday in Bali

B.   Fina’s letter

C.   Fico’s experience

D.   Fico’s favorite places

E.   Fina’s plan to Bali

13. Which statements are true based on the letter above?

A.   Fina is Fico’s sister

B.   Fico is doing a business

C.   Fina has not got married

D.   Fico is a student

E.   Fico’s holiday was exciting

14. What day is Fico going to arrive home?

A. Thursday D. Sunday

B. Friday E. Monday

C. Saturday

15. The letter shows that Fico …

A.   has not eaten the day before 

B.   bought all beautiful local arts 

C.   has tried the traditional food

D.   has showed his holiday video to his class

E.   had bad holiday

Text 4. The following text is for questions no 16 – 20

In autumn, the colour of the leaves changes into beautiful yellow, red, and brown. Do you know how this happens? To answer that question, first we have to understand about leaves.

Leaves are the food factories of plants. Plants take water from the ground through their roots and they take carbon dioxide from the air. Plants need glucose for energy and for their growth.

The plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose. The process is called photosynthesis and the substance that helps this photosynthesis process is called chlorophyll. This chlorophyll makes plants look green.

As summer ends and autumn comes, the days get shorter and shorter. The trees "know" that they have to be ready for winter. During winter, there is not enough sunlight or water for the photosynthesis process. The trees will rest, and use the food that they have stored during summer. The trees begin to close their food factories. The green chlorophyll substance disappears from the leaves. As the leaves begin to lose their green colour, they change into beautiful yellow and orange. 

In some trees, like maple tree, glucose is trapped in the leaves after the photosynthesis process stops. Sunlight and cool rights turn the green colour of the leaves into red. Oak leaves become brown because of wastes that are left in the leaves. This combination of red and brown makes the trees look very beautiful in autumn.

16. What is the best title for the text above?

A.   Tree

B.   Seasons

C.   Photosynthesis

D.   The changes of leaves

E.   Beautiful Autumn

17. A part of trees which is used to take water from the ground is...

A.   branch                            D.   fruit

B.   root                                E.   stem

C.   leave

18. When do the trees produce their food?

A.   in winter                         D.   in summer

B.   in spring                         E.   in fall

C.   in autumn

19. “The plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose” (paragraph 3). The underlined word “turn” has the same meaning as …

A.   change B.   absorb C.   dry D.   take E.   preserve

20. What makes the trees look beautiful in autumn?

A.   Because their leaves are doing photosynthesis. 

B.   Because the trees will rest and use their food.

C.   Because they have stored their food.

D.   Because sunlight and cool nights turn the color of leaves in maple tree.

E.   Because  the  leaves  color  of  trees  change  into beautiful combination of colours.

Text 5 The following text is for questions no 21 – 24

Dear Ferri,

How are you doing? (…21…) me? We met at Way Kambas, East Lampung last month. I am really (…22…)   that you chose my country to spend the vacation. Sorry, I cannot enclose our photos here, because you know, my youngest sister, Meilistiawati, deleted them. I had not kept them yet in the (…23…). Here I give you some photos of Meilistiawati's birthday. We celebrated it by having lunch together. You  can see  my  big family. My  mom roasted 4 big fish for us. And we had hot chili sauce or sambal to eat with that roasted fish. Hmm ... yummy!

How  about  your  activity this  semester? You're in  class  10th , right? I want to know about Victoria. I want to be your pen pal, so I can improve my English, and you can improve your Bahasa Indonesia, too. Okay, that's all for the first letter. I am looking forward to (…24…) from you. Send my love to your mom and grandma. Bye!

Your pal, 


21. A. invite B. spend C.  remember D. join E. require

22. A.  sorrowful    B.   glad C.  bored                D.   ashtonished E.   disappointed 

23. A. cupboard B. box C. drawer D. camera E. book

24. A. talking B. meeting C. playing  D. seeing E. hearing

Text 6. The following text is for questions no 25 – 33

It has long been known that when exposed to light under suitable conditions of temperature and moisture, the green parts of plants use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen to it. These exchanges are the opposite of those that occur in  respiration. The process is  called photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide  and  water  by  the  chloroplasts  of  plant  cells  in  the presence   of   light.   In   most   plants,   the   water   used   in photosynthesis is absorbed from the soil by the roots and trans- located through the xylem of the root and stem to the leaves. Except for the usually small percentage used in respiration, the oxygen released in the process diffuses out of the leaf into the atmosphere through the stomata. Oxygen is the product of the reaction.  For  each  molecule  of  carbon  dioxide  used,  one molecule of oxygen is released. A summary chemical equation for photosynthesis is:

As a result of this process, radiant energy from the sun is stored as chemical energy. In turn the chemical energy is used to decompose carbon  dioxide  and  water.   The  products of  their decomposition are recombined into a new compound, which is successively built up into more and more complex substances.

After many intermediate steps, sugar is produced. At the same time, a balance of gases is preserved in the atmosphere.

25. Which title best expresses the ideas in the passage?

A.   A chemical Equation

B.   The exchange of Respiration

C.   The Process of Photosynthesis

D.   The Parts of vascular Plants

E.   The Production of Sugar

26. In photosynthesis, water … 

A.   must be present

B.   is produced in carbohydrates

C.   is stored in chemical energy

D.   is diffused out of the leaf

E.   interrupts the chemical reaction

27. Which process is the opposite of photosynthesis?

A.   decomposition

B.   synthesization

C.   diffusion

D.   respiration

E.   equation 

28. The combination of carbon dioxide and water to form sugar results in an excess of …

A.   water D.   carbon

B.   oxygen E.   stomata

C.   chlorophyll

29. The word “stored” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to … 

A.  changed D.   attended

B. discovered E. saved

C. connected

30. In photosynthesis, energy from the sun is …

A. synthesized

B.  changed to chemical energy

C.   stored in the tree

D. conducted from  the  xylem  to  the  leaves  of  green plants

E.  released one  to  one  for  each  molecule of  carbon dioxide used

31. The word “their” in Paragraph 2 refers to … 

A.   products

B.   most plants

C.   complex substances

D.   carbon dioxide and water

E.   radiant and chemical energy

32. “….. that occur in respiration.” (Paragraph 2). The underlined word is closest in meaning to …

A.   process                          D.   blossom

B.   bloom                            E.   disappear

C.   happen

33. Besides the manufacture of food for plants, what is another benefit of photosynthesis? 

A. It produces solar energy.

B. It absorbs the water.

C. It diffuses additional carbon dioxide into the air.

D. It removes harmful gases from the air.

E. It maintains the balance of gases in the atmosphere.

Text 7. The following text is for questions no 34 – 38

You are My Sunshine

(Johnny Cash)

[Verse 1]

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping

I dreamed I held you in my arms

When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken

So I bowed my head and I cried


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know, dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away

[Verse 2]

I've always loved you and made you happy

And nothing else could come between

But now you've left me to love another

You have shattered all of my dreams


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know, dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away

34. The song above is about …

A.   Someone who falls in love with a man

B.   Someone who loves his/her child

C.   Someone who dislikes others

D.   Someone who annoys his/her friends

E.   Someone who misses his/her lover

35. What happens to the person whom the song is intended to?

A.   He/she has come

B.   He/she has arrived

C.   He/she has left away

D.   He/she has dreamed

E.   He/she has awaken

36. What happens to the writer at the end?

A.   she/he feels mournful

B.   she/he feels happy

C.   she/he feels glad

D.   she/he feels bored

E.   she/he feels nervous

37. What is the message of the song?

A.   We may not make people cry

B.   We must remember our memory in the past

C.   We can dream about love

D.   We should get sunshine for health

E.   We will lose people we love one day later

38. Arif   : I think I cannot join our football team again

Alfian: Don’  be  like  that  Budi.  You  know,  you  are  our strength. And we stand here today, play the game we used to play, get the 

       champ it’s all .…. you. 

A.   because

B.   in order to

C.   so that

D.   because of

E.   providing that

39. Selvi : What do you think of the test ?

Siti    : O my God. I almost lost my mind

Selvi : Why? What happened?

Siti    : .…. the test is so hard, I almost give up.

A. Because D.   Although

B. Because of E.   Certainly

C.   Probably

40. Leni   : Have you seen Sisca?

Hera  : No yet. It is said that she is suffering from cough

Leni   : So ? Where is she now?

Hera  : She is staying at home ….. her illness.

A.   because                         D.   usually

B.   due to                            E.   certainly

C.   perhaps


I.  Jawaban Soal Pilihan Ganda

1 C 6 A 11 A 16 D 21 C 26 A 31 D 36 A

2 B 7 D 12 A 17 B 22 B 27 D 32 C 37 E

3 D 8 E 13 E 18 D 23 D 28 B 33 E 38 D

4 C 9 C 14 B 19 A 24 E 29 E 34 B 39 A

5 A 10 E 15 C 20 E 25 C 30 B 35 C 40 B


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