40+ Soal dan Jawaban Ujian Sekolah (US) SMA Sastra Inggris K13

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40+ Soal dan Jawaban Ujian Sekolah (US) SMA Sastra Inggris K13

I.Soal Pilihan Ganda

This text is for questions number 1 – 3
The Rainbow Troops
Laskar Pelangi (English: The Rainbow Troops) is a 2008 Indonesian film adapted from the popular same titled novel by Andrea Hirata. The movie follows a group of 10 schoolchildren and their two inspirational teachers as they struggle with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra. The film is the highest grossing in Indonesian box office history and won a number of local and international awards.
The movie, set in the 1970s, opens on the first day of the year at a Muhammadiyah elementary school on Belitung. The school needs 10 students but is one short until near the end of the day, when a straggler fills out the ranks for their teachers, Muslimah and Harfan. Muslimah dubs the children “The Rainbow Troops” (sometimes translated as “The Rainbow Warriors”) and the movie traces their development and relationships with the teachers.
The film “reportedly” cost 8 billion rupiah (US$890,000) to make and was a year in production. Most of the child actors in the film are from Belitung, and Producer Mira Lesmana explained that choice by saying: “In my opinion, there won’t be any actors with a deeper connection to the roles than those who were born and lived in Belitong their entire life. The Bangka Belitung Provincial government declared some of the locations used in the film as areas of importance to culture and tourism in 2010, and provincial tourism chief Yan Megawandi said the decision was “primarily” made to help raise funds for the Muhammadiyah elementary school on which the film and novel’s story are centered.
The film’s local and international success fueled a tourism boom on Belitung, with Indonesian airline Garuda reopening direct service from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan, Belitung’s capital. A provincial government official that month said he had no hard data on the increase in tourist arrivals as a result of the film, but said that nearly all seats on flights to the island from Jakarta were booked in the first week it was open and that most arrivals were asking about information on how to visit the film’s locations.
1.The writer of the novel from which the film taken is ….
  1. Andrea Hirata
  2. Mira Lesmana
  3. Muslimah
  4. Harfan
  5. Yan Megawandi
2.Which of the following statements is true based on the text?
  1. All of the child actors in the film are from Belitung.
  2. There are three inspirational teachers in the story.
  3. The film got a number of national awards only.
  4. It took a year in producing the film.
  5. The movie sets in the 1960s.
3.We can infer from the text that ….
  1. The film was not very popular.
  2. The film was selling very well in the market.
  3. The film was just ordinary.
  4. The 10 schoolchildren and the two teachers were prosperous
  5. The film’s success didn’t trigger the tourism boom in Belitun
This text is for questions number 4 to 8.
Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?
The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Classmates.com more than quadrupled from 2005 to 2009. Many users say the sites are good for our society, but others contend that the dangers of social media outweigh the benefits.
Proponents of social networking sites argue that these online communities promote increased communication with friends and family, familiarize people with valuable computer skills, and allow contact with people from around the world.
Social networking sites allow people to create new relationships and reconnect with friends and family. Increased communication, even online, strengthens relationships. Social networking sites allow for creative expression in a new medium. They provide free messaging, blogging, photo storage, games, event invitations, and many other services to anyone with access to a computer and the Internet.
Social networking sites bring people with common interest together, offer exposure to new ideas from around the world, and lower inhibitions to overcome social anxiety. People who have a difficulty communicating in person are more comfortable interacting via the Internet. Meanwhile the opponents argue that social networking sites expose children to predators, increase vulnerability to computer viruses, lower worker productivity, and promote narcissism and short attention spans. Social networking sites entice people to spend more time online and less time interacting face-to-face. The sites offer many time wasting activities that supplant more productive activities. Teens spend an average of nine hours per week on social networking sites.
Teens growing up with these sites may not be aware that the information they post is public and that photos and text can be retrieved even after deletion. Consequences from over-sharing personal information include vulnerability to sexual or financial predators and lost job opportunities from employers finding embarrassing photos or comments.
Social networking sites have no way to verify that people are who they claim to be, leaving people vulnerable to solicitations from online predators who are able to mask their true identities. In Feb. 2009, MySpace identified 90,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the site, while Facebook declined to reveal how many were present on its site. Even if the sites agree to remove sex offenders, they cannot identify all of them or stop them from creating new accounts.
As social networking sites become more integrated in our modern culture, some people think that the benefits outweigh any downsides, while others believe the dangers are more pressing than any upsides.
Source: http://socialnetworking.procon.org
4.Pagraph 4 mainly discusses about ....
  1. social networking sites provide a new medium for creative expression
  2. social networking sites provide free messaging and blogging
  3. social networking sites provide games and event invitations
  4. social networking sites provide many services to anyone with access to a computer
  5. social networking sites provide many services to anyone with access to the Internet
5.The benefit of using social networking sites is....
  1. social networking sites decrease communication with friends and family
  2. social networking sites people with valuable computer skills
  3. social networking sites forbid people from around the world
  4. social networking sites allow for creative expression in a new medium
  5. social networking sites increase vulnerability to computer viruses
6.Which of the following statement is not true based on the text ?
  1. social networking sites allow people to reconnect with friends and family
  2. social networking sites strengthen relationships
  3. everybody agrees that social networking sites are very beneficial for the society with no dangers
  4. social networking sites make people have less time interacting face-to-face
  5. some people believe that the dangers of social networking sites are more pressing than the benefits
7.The word expose (paragraph 6 line 1) can not be best replaced with .....
  1. open
  2. protect
  3. uncover
  4. unmask
  5. disclose
8.The following are the effects of over-sharing personal information on social networking sites, except ....
  1. openness to sexual predators
  2. vulnerability to financial predators
  3. lost job opportunities from employers finding embarrassing photos
  4. strengthening relationships among friends and family members
  5. lost job opportunities from employers finding embarrassing comments
This text is for questions number 9 to 12
Company, Inc.
123 Alphabet Drive
Los Angeles, California 90002
15 December 2017
Dr. Kris Johnson
Marketing Representative
Creativity Plus, Inc.
824 Imagination Lane
Miami, Florida 33111
Dear Kris,
Working with Creativity Plus, Inc., for the past four months has been a wonderful experience. Regrettably, Company, Inc. no longer has need of your services. We have decided to move our company in a different direction, and that decision requires that we make a number of changes to our infrastructure. To that end, we have decided to keep all of our current marketing efforts in-house, so we can no longer make use of your marketing consultation on services.
Thank you for the excellent work you have done for us. I hope to remain on good terms with you and Creativity Plus, Inc., and if we require services similar to what you have provided for us in the past, we would certainly like to consider you again.
Warm regards,
Sam Brown
9.What is the topic of the text?
  1. Changes direction of the Company, Inc.
  2. Decision to move the company in a house.
  3. Consultation of changing direction of the company.
  4. Discontinuation of marketing consultation services.
  5. Consideration of having a new marketing consultation services.
10.Why did Mr. Brown discontinue Mr. Johnson’s company as their marketing consultation? It’s because Mr. Brown’s company ….
  1. ran marketing for the company internally
  2. changed some company’s infrastructure
  3. required another best marketing services
  4. moved the location of the company
  5. found a new good marketing team
11.What can we conclude from the text?
  1. Creativity Plus, Inc. will have a new office in a house.
  2. Company, Inc. will apply their own marketing strategies.
  3. Company, Inc. will require a new marketing consultation.
  4. Creativity Plus, Inc. will have a new directors of the company.
  5. Company, Inc. will focus on changing directors of the company
12. “I hope to remain on good terms with you and Creativity Plus, Inc.,…”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
  1. hit
  2. strike
  3. locate
  4. adjust
  5. continue
This text is for questions number 13 to 17.
Origin of Lotus
Prabu Ranubahu is the king of Umbul Wening. He had a beautiful doughter, Dewi Arum. Dewi Arum has an unusual habit. She loves to take a bath and swim in the lake. Everytime she takes a bath, she forgets about everything, food, rest, even her duties as a princess.
The king and queen often scold Dewi Arum for her habit. But she never pays attention to them. One day, Umbul Wening is stroke by a plaque. Many of its citizen die. Many physicians try to cure the people of Umbul Wening but they all fail.
Suddenly a monk comes to see the king and says he has a vision from God. According to the monk, this plaque can be cured using the plants that live in the lake located at the Krendawahanan Forest. But, there is a catch. Those plants must be taken only by Dewi Arum.
So the king orders her daughter to go to Krendawahana Forest to get the plants. Dewi Arum agrees and goes to the forest accompanied by her beloved servants, Nyai Wijen and Nyai Empul. After a long and tiring journey, they finally arrive at the lake.
Seeing the clear and blue water, Dewi Arum jumps and take a bath in the lake. She forgets about her duty to go and get the cure for her people. Her servants try to remind her about her duties but the princess ignores them.
Back at the kingdom, Prabu Ranubahu in worried about her daughter. So, he goes after her. He is surprised to see her daughter is bathing in the lake and forget about the duties. The king is furious.
“Arum! What are you doing? Our people are dying and here you are having fun bathing in the lake. Since you enjoy being in the lake so much, you should become part of the lake!”
Right after the king finishes his sentence, a strange thing happens. Dewi Arum turns into a beautiful red flower. The king is surprised and sad to see what happens to her daughter. So, he picks the flower and goes back to his kingdom.
When the king arrives with the flower, the sickness that has been plaguing the kingdom is gone. The beautiful flower that was once Dewi Arum is called lotus. It always grows in lakes.
Source: http://indonesianfolklore.blogspot.com
13.What does paragraph 3 mainly talk about? It’s about ….
  1. The disease of the villagers that can only be cured using the plants in the forest.
  2. A monk who comes to see the king to tell a vision from God.
  3. The lake which is located at the Krendawahanan Forest.
  4. The medicine plants that must be taken only by Dewi Arum.
  5. The medicine plants that must be taken only by the monk.
14.What did the king feel to see his daughter changed into a flower?
  1. He felt happy.
  2. He felt delighted.
  3. He felt pleased.
  4. He felt amazed.
  5. He felt gloomy.
15.What did the king do to see Arum enjoying her bath in the lake and forgeting her duty to take the plant?
  1. The king cursed her.
  2. The king asked her to stop bathing.
  3. The king asked her to go home.
  4. The king asked her to take the plant.
  5. The king asked her to continue bathing.
16.The word furious (paragraph 6) has opposite with...
  1. angry
  2. upset
  3. calm
  4. mad
  5. annoyed
17.The moral value of the story is ....
  1. The wise king is loved by the people.
  2. Don’t be too easy to curse when you see something bad.
  3. Laziness will only give you nothing.
  4. Just sacrifice yourself to help other people.
  5. Beautiful flower is the bset medicine for sick people.
For questions number 18 to 19, what is the meaning of the proverb and riddle provided?
18.When in Rome, do as the romans do.
  1. There are many ways to reach your dream.
  2. Go to Rome than you will know the culture of the romans.
  3. Roman people are very friendly.
  4. When you are in Rome, you must act like a roman.
  5. Do as people do in the area where you are.
19.The maker doesn’t need it, the buyer doesn’t use it, the user uses it without knowing it. What is it? It is a ....
  1. coffin
  2. box
  3. ring
  4. bowl
  5. plate
This text is for questions 20 and 21.
The written examination and selection interview previously announced to be conducted on 30/11/2015 and 1-2/12/2015 for various post vacancies on the three domestic airports, Department of Civil Aviation, MolC, is postponed on the following dates;
The shortlisted candidates are required to kindly note the postponement of date and time for the written examination and oral interview:
Written Examination: 05/12/2015 at 10 am
Oral interview: 6-8/12/2015 at 10 am
Result declaration: 14/12/2015
Chief Administrative Officer
20.What should the candidates do related to the postponement?
  1. Asking the Minister of Information and Communication Staff.
  2. Calling the Minister of Information and Communication Staff.
  3. Noting the postponement of date and time.
  4. Asking the chief administrative officer.
  5. Looking for the result declaration.
21.Which of the following agrees to the text?
  1. The new schedule for the written examination is on 6-8/12/2015 at 10 AM.
  2. The new schedule for the oral interview is on 15/12/2015 at 10 AM.
  3. The new schedule for the written examination is on 30/15/2015.
  4. The result of declaration will be announced on 14/12/2015.
  5. The new schedule for the oral interview is on 12/12/2015.
This form is for questions number 22 to 24.
Source: brainly.co.id
22.How many digits of the bank card number provided in the form?
  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 8
  4. 9
  5. 10
23.Which payment that you can make ?
  1. shopping payment
  2. credit card
  3. loan
  4. mortgage
  5. credit card and loan
24.What will you do if you need help completing this form.
  1. send email to the bank
  2. see the manager of the bank
  3. make a call to the bank or visit the bank’s website
  4. visit the facebook official page of the bank
  5. make a call or send email to the bank
25.Arrange the sentences below to form a sequential text!
  1. Finally, Onion seasoning grilled chicken is ready to serve
  2. Having been marinated, it is left for about 30 minutes.
  3. How to make onion seasoning grilled chicken is an easy thing.
  4. After that, grill chicken until cooked.
  5. Next, boil the coconut milk and all the seasons. Stir well. Cook until done and seasoning thickened.
  6. You can marinate chicken with tamarind water and salt.
The correct arrangement of the sentences is ....
  1. 6-2-5-4-3-1
  2. 6-2-5-4-1-3
  3. 3-6-2-4-5-1
  4. 3-6-2-5-1-4
  5. 3-6-2-5-4-1
26.Arrange the sentences below to form a sequential text!
1. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory. 2.Education brings a natural and lasting change in an individual’s reasoning and ability to achieve the targeted goal. It can be applied in forms of an institution like a school. 3.A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. 4.There are three main types of education, namely, Formal, Informal and Non-formal. 5.In these systems, students progress through a series of schools.
  1. 2-4-5-1-4
  2. 2-4-1-5-4
  3. 2-3-4-1-5
  4. 1-4-3-5-2
  5. 1-2-4-3-5
This text is for questions 27 to 30.
Why is ethanol a good alternative to the fuel which is used now? Firstly, ethanol is based on renewable resources. It is produced from agricultural products, such as sugar beet, sugar cane, potatoes, grains and raw materials such as pulp (smashed wood or plant material), soft wood and waste paper. The raw materials for ethanol are obtained from forests or farm. Trees do not need to be cut down to get ethanol; we can get it from the branches and dead wood.
Secondly, ethanol, because of its alcohol nature, makes the vehicle engines run more efficiently. This means that less fuel is used.
Thirdly, ethanol produces lower emissions of CO and hydocarbons compared to petrol. WALHI research states that more than 5.500.000 tons of CO is emitted by motor engines in a city like Surabaya.
Fourthly, ethanol is described as a ‘harmless’ substance, unlike petrol which is poisonous. Ethanol has low toxicity or level of poison. It does not cause death or blood poisoning.
27.What is the main focus of the text?
  1. The difference between ethanol and petrol.
  2. The raw materials of ethanol from forests or farm.
  3. The production process of ethanol for fuel.
  4. The reasons why ethanol as suitable alternative to the fuel.
  5. The pitfalls of ethanol as fuel for vehicles and environment.
28.According to the text, ethanol can save the forest because ....
  1. the emissions of CO are lower than petrol
  2. the raw materials are not obtained from forests or farm
  3. it makes the engines run more efficiently
  4. it is produced from agricultural products
  5. it is not made from new wood
29.Which information about ethanol is found in the text?
  1. Ethanol is expensive
  2. Ethanol is poisonous
  3. Ethanol produces more CO than petrol
  4. Ethanol emits a lot of dangerous gas
  5. Ethanol is friendly to the environment
30.“.... lower emissions of CO is emitted by motor engine …. ” (Paragraph 3).
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
  1. consumed
  2. released
  3. eliminated
  4. taken
  5. absorbed
31.Yuni :“Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?”
Zidan: “We do not know yet, they ........… by a team.”
  1. Are still being selected
  2. Are still selecting
  3. Still be selected
  4. Still selected
  5. still have selected
32.Anto :This is a very popular TV program.
Dila: I think so. Every week it …..... by millions of people.
  1. Watches
  2. Is being watched
  3. Has watched
  4. Is watched
  5. has been watched
33.Shanti :”________ I had my breakfast, I didn’t miss sandwich”.
Andina: “Hmmm.....that’s why you look fatter,Shanti.”
  1. Moreover
  2. Although
  3. Already
  4. Finally
  5. Despite
34.Fikri : “ Why don’t you contact Bella to donate to the victim ?.”
Ani : “She never helps anyone _________ having a lot of money ”
  1. otherwise
  2. however
  3. instead
  4. inspite of
  5. although
This text is for questions 35 to 38.
James Watt was born in Greenock on 19 January 1736. His father, also called James, was a ship builder. As a boy Watt went to the local grammar school where he studied classics and mathematics. The young Watt also liked making models.
Eventually, Watt decided to become a maker of mathematical instruments, such as quadrants and compasses. In 1755 he went to London, but only stayed there for two years before moving to Glasgow.
In 1764 Watt made a model of Newcomen steam engine. In this engine, the steam was pushed into a cylinder, then condensed back into water. A year later Watt realized it would be more efficient to condense the steam in another chamber separate from the cylinder. However, it was not until 1769 that Watt patented his new idea, the separate condenser.
In 1775 he went into partnership with Matthew Boulton and began making steam engines which were used for pumping water out of mines. By 1780 the Industrial Revolution was beginning to transform life in Britain and Watt adapted his steam engines to provide a rotary motion so they could be used to power machines in new factories.
In 1781 he used the sun to do this and four years later, steam engines were used to power machines in cotton mills for the first time. Meanwhile, in 1782 Watt invented another major improvement, the double–acting steam engines. In 1788 he invented the fly ball Royal to regulate the speed of steam engines and he made a pressure gauge in 1790.
In 1785 Watt was elected a fellow of the Royal society and he retired from business in 1800. James Watt died on 25 August 1819 and was buried in Birmingham.
35.The text is mostly about James Watt’s invention which is closely related to his experience when he was young, that is, ….
  1. he studied classics
  2. he made many inventions.
  3. he studied mathematics
  4. his father was a ship builders
  5. he went to a very good school
36.What did James Watt do before moving to Glasgow?
  1. Deciding to be a Mathematics Scholar.
  2. Inventing quadrants and compasses.
  3. Leaving his local grammar school.
  4. Producing mathematical instruments.
  5. Staying in London temporarily.
37.What was happened to James’s life before 1782?
  1. Invented the double-acting steam engines.
  2. Made a pressure gauge.
  3. Decided to quite his business.
  4. Patented the separate condenser.
  5. Suffered from a serious illness.
38.The underlined word in sentence,” ... beginning to transform life in Britain...,” (paragraph 4) has similar meaning to....
  1. save
  2. turn
  3. start
  4. help
  5. form
39.Laila : “What present did you get from your father this year ?”
Leni: “My father would buy me a new motorcycle If I passed the state university entrance test.”
What does Leni mean ?
  1. She doesn’t pass the state university entrance test.
  2. She didn’t pass the state university entrance test.
  3. She passed the state university entrance test.
  4. She is not passing the state university entrance test.
  5. She will pass the university entrance test
40.Syifa :” If I had gone with my parents five hours ago to our villa, I wouldn’t have been alone at home.”
Rafi: “ So, ................................................. syifa”
  1. your parents accompanied you now.
  2. somebody would accompany you now.
  3. no one was with you there.
  4. someone was with you at home.
  5. your parents were at home.

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