40 Soal dan Jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11 Semester 2 K13 Terbaru

40 Soal dan Jawaban PTS Bahasa Indonesia

The following letter is for number 1-5! Nov 17 th, 2022

Dear Grandpa,

How are you grandpa? I was really happy to see you and Grandma at my graduation ceremony,

and I hope you’re recovering from your high blood pressure soon.

Do you mind if I visit you on Saturday? I’d really like to show my new cat. I think you’ll adore her. Her name is Susan, and I got her last week. For your information, she’s your favorite breed: an angora cat, just like Soho! I’m excited to come and see you soon. Let me know if Saturday will be ok for my coming.

Love, Maudy

1.When did Maudy see her Grandpa?

  1. At the graduation party
  2. At her grandpa’s birthday
  3. At Maudy’s birthday
  4. At the street
  5. At her grandpa’s house

2.When will Maudy visit her grandpa?

  1. Friday
  2. Monday
  3. Saturday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Sunday

3.What will be shown to her grandpa by Susan?

  1. Her new cat
  2. Her score
  3. Her new school
  4. Her gift
  5. Her graduation hat

4.What kind of animal is Soho?

  1. A cat
  2. A lizard
  3. A dog
  4. An eagle
  5. A snake

5. “I’m excited to come and see you soon.”

The underlined word above has the same meaning with….

  1. happy
  2. Sad
  3. Afraid
  4. dejected
  5. Sad

6.…. my mother was sleeping, I prepared tea on my own.

  1. As
  2. Unless
  3. Besides
  4. Despite
  5. Eventhought

7.He apologized …. his bad behavior.

  1. For
  2. because
  3. Since
  4. as
  5. Has

8.He was satisfied …. not overjoye

  1. Yet
  2. but
  3. As
  4. Still
  5. Stillness

9.…. his sister, he is very naughty.

  1. Likely
  2. Similar
  3. Unlike
  4. Differently
  5. Same

10.After months of studying hard, Meeta…. cleared IAS examination.

  1. Initialy
  2. therefore
  3. consequently
  4. Finally
  5. final

The following letter is for number 11-15! Dear Johnson

Hello, Johnson. How’s life treating you? Do hope everything is okay. I tell you what I’m writing

this letter is to confirm about your invitation. You said that I can visit you whenever I want to go to your City, Texas. I happily accept your invitation.

Well, will it be OK if I come to your house this weekend? I plan to spend my school holiday in Texas. It must be exciting to be in Texas again. Besides, I want to meet Eva, Helen, your father and mother. I just need to confirm if this coming weekend is OK. However, if you have something to do, I really understan Send my best regards to all of your family that I miss so much. Hope to know your reply soon.

Yours, Nowo

11.What is Texas like according to Nowo?

  1. Boring
  2. Exciting
  3. Confusing
  4. Frightening
  5. Tiring

12.From the passage we know that Johnson….

  1. has two sisters
  2. ever visited Nowo
  3. accepts Nowo’s invitation
  4. hates Nowo
  5. never visited Nowo

13. “If you have something to do,….”

(Paragraph 2). What does the word “you” in the sentence refer to?

  1. Eva
  2. Johnson father
  3. Helen
  4. Johnson mother
  5. Johnson

14.“I just need to confirm at this coming….”

(paragraph 2). What does the underlined word mean?

  1. To make sur
  2. To deliver the news.
  3. To show uncertainly
  4. Invite
  5. To get information

15.The text above tell us about, ….

  1. Introduction
  2. Complaint
  3. Invitation
  4. Compliment
  5. Say goodbye

The following letter is for number 16-20! November 15th, 2016

Dear Michaella,

With great honor, we would like to request for your presence on this coming Saturday, November

19th, 2016 at 3:00 P.M. for the 17th birthday of Jessic

The venue for the event will be at the Horison’s garden restaurant and dress code will be casual


We wish that you will find time for you to be with us on the party. Please let us know whether you can or cannot join us for whatever reason. Contact me at my phone number as soon as possibl

Hoping to meet you in the venu

Best Regards, Alfonso Cruz

16.What is the content of the letter above?

  1. Invitation
  2. Congratulation
  3. Complaint
  4. Introduction
  5. Compliment

17.What kind of clothes must be worn by attendants?

  1. Casual
  2. Tie and Suit
  3. Business
  4. Garden party type attires
  5. Gown

18.What occasion held based on the text above?

  1. Birthday party
  2. Homecoming party
  3. Graduation party
  4. Funeral
  5. Farewell party

19.When will the party be held?

  1. November 15th
  2. November 18th
  3. November 16th
  4. November 19th
  5. November 17th

20.“Please let us know whether you can or cannot join us for whatever reason.” The underlined word above has the same meaning with….

  1. attend
  2. go out
  3. insert
  4. enter
  5. type

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