50 Soal dan Jawaban PAS Sastra Inggris SMA Kelas XII K13 Terbaru

50 Soal dan Jawaban PAS Sastra Inggris SMA Kelas XII K13 Terbaru

This text is for questions 1 to 3.

Many people say that examinations should be abolished because they are not the best measure of student’s capabilities. These people believe that students can study on their own and do better without the nagging worry and pressure exerted by examinations.

Yet, there are persuasive reasons to show that examinations should not be abolished. It is insufficient that teachers assign homework and correct it. Because this is not done under supervision, they cannot be sure that it is really the work of the students themselves. Moreover, homework is not a test of student’s ability. Homework is a method of merely keeping him occupied.

Nowadays, in the hunt for jobs, students need to produce some evidence of their capabilities. Prospective employers like to see copies of examination results. This is the only way a student’s qualifications can be judged. This attitude greatly encourages the use of examinations, since it is considered it necessary for them to measure their capabilities.

1. Why do some people disagree to abolish the examination?

  1. Exam result is the only proof of student’s capabilities.
  2. Nobody trusts the students nowadays.
  3. It is a regulation in the country.
  4. It is a good measurement.
  5. It is for the sake of efficiency.

2. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

  1. The examination still keeps going on.
  2. The teachers’ roles supervise the students.
  3. The homework is important for students.
  4. The homework is usefulness for students.
  5. The teachers are insufficient in school.

3. From the text above, we infer that….

  1. the examination is still used for measuring students’ qualifications.
  2. there are a lot of people agreing the examination as the quality control.
  3. the examination is not neccessary to use for measuring the students’ abilities.
  4. the examination is used as means of measuring students’ abilities anually before ending their education.
  5. the government obliges educational practitioners conducting the examination for increasing the quality.

This text is for no 4 – 6

What do you think about home schooling? Do you think it's a good idea concerning socialization and all? Believed to be first introduced in the U.S. decades ago, home schooling is now mushrooming in the country. This phenomenon seems to be in response to the fact that children's rights are sidelined in the arena of formal education. As an alternative education system, home schooling could become a popular choice for children of school age

Home schooling provides kids with educational opportunities that traditional public schooling has not provided. It offers a refreshing system by which students are encouraged to be creative and express themselves. Students will discover the thrill and sense of accomplishment that self-initiated learning can bring.

On the other hand, some people believe that home schooling can be inefficient and expensive. Students’ social life is, indeed, something to be concerned about in home schooling education. Most school districts make sincere attempts to keep their home schooled students active participants in the social, athletic, and extracurricular life of the school.

It is strongly recommended that parents contact home schooling resource that may be able to put them in touch with kids who have gone through home schooling and those who are currently being home schooled. Talking with them would be a great way for parents to make a more informed decision about their kids’ education.

4. The text mainly discusses about …

  1. kids’ education
  2. students’ socialization problem
  3. education problem
  4. an alternative education system
  5. popular public schooling

5. What does the writer suggest that parents do before making decision to provide home schooling for their kids?

  1. It's a good idea concerning socialization and all.
  2. Parents provide home schooling for their children.
  3. Public schooling education offers refreshment system.
  4. Parents seek home schooling resource’s information.
  5. Parents always keep their home schooled kids active.

6. “… parents contact home schooling resource that may be able to put them in touch with kids who have gone through home schooling”

The underlined phrase means ….

  1. connected
  2. informed
  3. known
  4. hang out
  5. concerned

This text is for no 7 – 10

Television has certainly changed our lives. Today, most people watching TV to going to the cinema. Without it, nobody would have paid much attention to national or international-historical, political, sports, sport, etc.-events. Even, television proved that pictures of suffering can move a nation to pity. Besides, many things can be learnt from TV.

Are there any disadvantages of TV? Many parents admitted that they found difficulties to stop their children’s bad habit, for example, they spend their leisure time for watching TV more than reading. Children become very lazy and irresponsible for their main tasks. This is of course denied by TV producers of people whose work is related to TV. They are very sure that there are a lot of benefits of TV for viewers, especially children or students.

On the other hand, they honestly admit that some TV programs can endanger children’s mental. They regret because parents sometimes don’t have much time to watch TV together with their children. They suggest parents to have more discussion with their children on any programs they have seen.

7. The communicative purpose of this text is …..

  1. to describe the general information about TV
  2. to persuade the readers not to watch TV
  3. to present two points of view about TV
  4. to inform the reader about the effect of TV
  5. to retell events about the history of TV

8. The part of the text which contains statement and preview is…..

  1. point
  2. argument
  3. elaboration
  4. issue
  5. conclusion

9. The main idea of the first paragraph is ….

  1. TV has become the part of modern people’s life.
  2. TV has turned the modern people’s life.
  3. TV has given some enjoyments to the viewers.
  4. TV has provided viewers some information.
  5. TV has played the important role in modern people’s life.

10. Who is persuaded to consider the effect of TV?

  1. TV producers
  2. government
  3. Children
  4. TV programmers
  5. parents

11. He is … handsome that many girls like him.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

12. Randy has … many magazines that everyone likes to borrow from him.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

13. Tasya is … a diligent girl that many teachers like her.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

14. My mother is … busy today that she can’t cook dinner for us

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

15. It is … an expensive car that everyone wants to have one

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

16. There is … a lot of opinion that makes me confused

  1. so
  2. very
  3. Such
  4. such that
  5. too

17. There was … many people at the concert that makes the concert so crowded.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

18. Carol can make … beautiful dresses that she can sell them.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

19. My little sister told me … a funny story that makes me laugh hard.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

20. Andy has … many books that he has to buy a new bookcase.

  1. so
  2. very
  3. such
  4. such that
  5. too

Text 2. Questions 21 – 25 are based on the text.

Although receptionists do not need a high level of (…21…), employers might ask for GCSEs/S grades or equivalent qualifications, (…22…) in English and Math. There are qualifications specifically (...23…) at this kind of work, which can be studied full or part time at college. Some employers prefer mature people with experience of dealing with the public.

Many (...24…) hotels and chains have in-house training schemes that mean receptionists can combine work with study at college, usually working towards an NVQ/SVQ.

Larger hotels and chains may offer more (...25…) prospects than small hotels. With experience and qualifications, receptionists could be promoted to jobs such as supervisor, head receptionist or reception manager. Receptionists could also move to different areas of hotel work.

Source: www.rcpt/hotels.edu


  1. qualify
  2. quality
  3. qualified
  4. qualifying
  5. qualifications


  1. particular
  2. partial
  3. particularly
  4. party
  5. participant


  1. aim
  2. have aimed
  3. aims
  4. aiming
  5. aimed


  1. large
  2. big
  3. largely
  4. enlarge
  5. larger


  1. promote
  2. promotes
  3. promotion
  4. promoting
  5. promoted

26. The lady _____ lives across the street is my aunt.

  1. whom
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

27. The boy _____ shoes are on the floor is my little brother.

  1. whom
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

28. The moment _____ the clown burst in to surprise the teacher was great!

  1. which
  2. whose
  3. who
  4. where
  5. for whom

29. The student _____ I teach is Budi.

  1. whom
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

30. The man _____ we met on the street is my uncle.

  1. where
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

31. The cafe _____ she usually has breakfast is around the corner.

  1. whom
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

32. The man _____ wallet was stolen was very upset.

  1. whom
  2. for whom
  3. which
  4. whose
  5. who

Question no 33 – 35 based on this song!

In this proud land we grew up strong

We were wanted all along

I was taught to fight, taught to win

I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems

I am a man whose dreams have all deserted

I've changed my face, I've changed my name

But no one wants you when you lose

Don't give up

'Cause you have friends

Don't give up

You're not beaten yet

Don't give up

I know you can make it good

Though I saw it all around

Never thought I could be affected

Thought that we'd be the last to go

It is so strange the way things turn

33. Do you think what did the composer’s feelling?

  1. Depressed
  2. Happy
  3. Angry
  4. Shy
  5. Satisfied

34. What does the word ‘you’ refer to?

  1. The writer
  2. The composer
  3. The singer
  4. The director
  5. The listener

35. Whose dream have all deserted?

  1. The composer’s
  2. The listener’s
  3. The writer’s and friend’s
  4. The listener’s friend’s
  5. The singer’s and the listener’s

36. If you had left the house earlier, you………………… so late coming to the school.

  1. would not have been
  2. will be
  3. would have been
  4. wouldn’t be
  5. would be

37. If I finish the homework before 4.p.m, I ……………… to your home.

  1. would go
  2. would have gone
  3. could go
  4. couldn’t go
  5. can go

38. She would give you the present if she ………………. the money to buy it.

  1. had
  2. would have
  3. has
  4. had had
  5. have

39. My sister would call me immediately if she ……… help.

  1. need
  2. needed
  3. needs
  4. would need
  5. will need

40. If your sister …… that book for you, will you be happy?

  1. gave
  2. gives
  3. given
  4. give
  5. will give

41. If the students ……… late to submit scholarship application, they will not be got it.

  1. were
  2. have been
  3. are
  4. be
  5. had been

42. Susi would attended the meeting last Sunday if she had been invited. The sentence means….

  1. Susi didn’t attended the meeting last night
  2. Susi attended the meeting
  3. Susi comes to the meeting
  4. Susi didn’come to the meeting
  5. Susi came to the meeting

43. Fortunetely you came to home soon. If you were late, your father ……… with you.

  1. would get angry
  2. gets angry
  3. will get angry
  4. would have got
  5. get angry

44. If my mother were not busy at the moment, she would come to the workshop, said Daria.

From Daria’s utterance we know that her mother ……… to the workshop.

  1. didn’t come
  2. doesn’t come
  3. Come
  4. will come
  5. came

45. ________ being very clever, my cousin never boasting about it.

  1. Despite
  2. Other than
  3. Instead
  4. Because
  5. Otherwise

46. Smith are not feeling well, ______ he will come to our house.

  1. due to
  2. because
  3. however
  4. consequently
  5. since

47. Me and my friends did not miss the fried noodle ______ we had our lunch.

  1. moreover
  2. already
  3. finally
  4. but
  5. although

48. ______ having a lot of money, they never help anyone.

  1. Otherwise
  2. Instead
  3. However
  4. Because of
  5. Inspite of

49. _______ it is raining, we shouldn’t go out.

  1. Because
  2. But
  3. Because of
  4. Due to
  5. For

50. He used to spend his time carelessly ...... he was left behind by his colleagues.

  1. because
  2. as
  3. since
  4. consequently
  5. due to

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