1. Last Sunday Fadli and Arief went to a class on Mathematics. They considered the teacher an authority. Arief considers mathematics a fascinating subject. Fadli finds it a boring subject. He thinks mathematical activities nothing but hard work. Arief finds them great fun. He found the class interesting. Fadli thought it rather boring. The teachers may elect Arief the representative of the school in the International Mathematical Olympiad.  
  2. My grandfather and I moved to another part of Makassar. At first we found our new home strange. We found the people different and thought their speech peculiar. The climate made the people  easygoing, and they seemed casual about everything. The natives found us serious and impatient.
  3. Time has made both our neighbors and us less critical. We have become accustomed to each other. Gradually, we have found life more pleasant. We still find our new home different from our old one, but we do not consider it necessarily worse. As far our neighbors, they find that being friends with us has made their lives more interesting.   
Kalimat-kalimat dalam paragraf di atas menggunakan pola
“Noun + Verb + Noun + Noun / Adjective”.

Hanya ada beberapa kata kerja yang yang digunakan dalam pola ini: consider, find, believe, think, prove call, name, elect, appoint, nominate, make, paint, suppose, turn (mengubah), dan build.

Kebanyakan kata kerja di atas boleh digunakan dalam 2 pola:
Noun + Verb + Noun + Noun" dan "Noun + Verb + Noun + Adjective”.

Akan tetapi ada beberapa kata kerja yang hanya dapat digunakan di pola pertama (noun sebagai pelengkap objek) yaitu appoint, elect, dan name.
Dan kata kerja like (suka) dan keep hanya bisa dipakai untuk pola ke dua (adjective sebagai pelengkap objek).

Contoh Soal TOEFL (by pusattoefl.blogspot.com)
12. The Legislature selected Vassar Miller _____ in 1982, and again in 1988.
(A) was the state’s poet laureate
(B) as the state’s poet laureate
(C) the state’s poet laureate
(D) become the state’s poet laureate
Pembahasan Jawaban:
Langkah 1: Kalimat di atas sudah lengkap Subject dan Verb. Jadi kita tidak lagi butuh verb lainnya. Pilihan A dan D olehnya sudah jelas salah.
Langkah 2: Ketika kita menggunakan kata 'selected' tidak lagi perlu menggunakan kata 'as' tapi langsung saja noun setelahnya.
Contoh lain: I selected you the president of the meeting club. Kata kerja yang lain masuk dalam kategori kata kerja semacam ini ialah: consider, find, believe, think, prove call, name, elect, appoint, nominate, make, paint, suppose, turn (mengubah), dan build.

Let's Write English by George E. Wishon Julia M. Burks 1980

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