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Ada beberapa ungkapan yang sering digunakan untuk mengindikasikan urutan dari suatu kejadian. Contohnya: first, first of all, in the first place, to begin with, second, next, then, afterwards, later, after  few days, at the same time, immediately, presently, now, last of all, finally, in the end, at last.
Perhatikan penggunaan ungkapan-ungkapan di atas dalm beberapa paragraf di bawah ini:

      A.      At the Library of (UIN) State Islamic University Alauddin Makassar
I visited the library of UIN Alauddin Makassar some weeks ago. The visit was interesting. First, I asked the librarian about the book that I needed. Then, she showed me a shelf on which I could find the book. However, I still could not discover it. I had her help me. She got the book for me.
Afterwards, she explained how to borrow the book. I thanked her. Finally, my new friends bought lunch for me.

      B.      Everything Happens to Me
My luck has been bad lately. For example, last month applied for two scholarships: UGRAD (Undergradute Student Exchange) and IELSP (Indonesia English Language Study Program). I only got interview test for the IELSP scholarship to have a course in the USA for a period of 8 (eight) weeks. I failed it. A few days ago, my mother bought me an expensive laptop. I lost it. Next, my TEFL lecturer gave my class a project. I did a wrong project. Finally, my close friend introduced a good friend of his to me. She did not speak English.

      C.      She and I Forgot to Remember
Last year, I met a beautiful calm girl. I fell in love with her, and became her boyfriend. She took a trip to London. However, she made me some promises. First, she would send me messages. Second, she would send me photographs. Third, she would buy me souvenirs. At first, she did everything for me – sent me messages, pictures, and postcards. Little by little, she forgot to send me messages. She forgot to send picture. She forgot the postcards too. Or She remembered the postcards but forgot to mail them to me. At last, she decided to tell me the truth. She wrote me that she had met another boy. Nevertheless, she did not send the letter to me. She forgot.


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